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Kontrollbase – new version available with improved analytics
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A new version of Kontrollbase – the enterprise monitoring, analytics, reporting, and historical analysis webapp for MySQL database administrators and advanced users of MySQL databases – is available for download. There are several upgrades to the reporting code with improved alert algorithms as well as a new script for auto-archiving of the statistics table based […]
Kontrollbase – revision 297 fixes Reporter-CLI “alert_22″ sub-routine
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Quick note to let our users know that there was an XML tag closure error on the “alert_22″ subroutine in the “bin/kontroll-reporter-cli.pl” script. This does not affect the webapp portion of Kontrollbase – only reports generated via the command line reporter script. It is not a fatal error but will cause the XML file to […]
Kontrollkit – new backup script is partition space aware
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I’ve been wanting to write a backup script for a while now that does the following: reads the partition information for the directory that you are backing up into and computes the used/available/percentage-available space. Then it reads the total data size from the MySQL tables and ensures that you have enough space on disk (for [...]
Kontrollbase – graph “no data to display” on new install has been fixed
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If you have been wondering why the overview and graphs pages say “no data to display” on the graphs when you first install Kontrollbase, it’s because there’s no data in the database being returned from the queries that generate the graphs – this is because a new install has no data to graph. This has […]
Having an issue with a Kontrollbase upgrade?
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If you’ve noticed that your recent upgrade did not go as planned and now the application does not load – please check this page: http://wiki.kontrollsoft.com/wiki/UpgradingReleases for notes on upgrades between versions. Typically you need to execute a SQL file against the current schema to bring it up to date. If you have any questions please [...]
Kontrollcomm – remote database and system command execution webapp
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I’m pleased to announce the first release of Kontrollcomm – “The Server Command Automation Interface” is a web-based application that automates remote command execution on linux and unix based servers. There are three main areas of the application: Hosts, Templates, and Commands. The use is very simple: all of your hosts are setup in the [...]
Kontrollbase rev292 gets important UI layout fixes
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This is a small revision and will only be available through SVN. However, it is an important one to speak about as it solves a former issue when running the application on a screen smaller than 1024px wide. While most users may not have noticed this since they have larger monitors it has been noticed [...]
Kontrollbase wiki being migrated to Trac
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Just a quick bit of news to let you all know that additions to the standard Kontrollbase and Kontrollkit userguides are being halted while we migrate the documentation to a new wiki system run by the very nice Trac software. You will be able to access the Kontrollbase and Kontrollkit documentation at http://wiki.kontrollsoft.com when it [...]
Kontrollsoft’s uptime checks now managed by Pingdom
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Website health checks are a crucial service to an operations team. In addition to in-house monitoring and service state reporting it’s also important, even critical, to have an impartial third party to run checks to test your customer facing services. There are a lot of companies in this arean that would be glad to have [...]
Kontrollsoft is using Eventum for your support needs
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After some testing and setup we have decided to use Eventum for our support ticketing needs. This featureful system will be in use for all of your support questions related to Kontrollbase – the MySQL analytics and performance tuning web application, as well as Kontrollkit – the collection of server automation scripts. You can read [...]
Kontrollbase – queries to update your max_connections alert
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If you have been reading the Kontrollbase performance reports and noticed that one alert says your connection usage vs max connections ration is too high but then recommends you to decrease the max_connections variable, then you will find this fix handy. Its two simple queries that execute on the Kontrollbase schema to update the max_connections [...]
Kontrollbase receives sponsorship from Network Redux
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It is a pleasure to announce that Kontrollbase – the MySQL analytics and performance monitoring webapp for MySQL servers – has a new sponsor. Network Redux is located in Portland, Oregon and offers enterprise quality dedicated and managed hosting as well as cloud services. Thomas Brenneke contacted me to discuss his interest in utilizing the [...]
Kontrollbase – scripts being rewritten in Python, request improvements now!
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The time has come for major performance improvements to the reporter, stats-gather, alerter, and client scripts. This means that I will be rewriting the scripts in Python. A couple of reasons for this; to cut down on the number of modules that are required for the installation process (which also makes distributing the client script [...]
Kontrollbase user’s group on Brijj.com
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We have a new users’s group on Brijj for anyone that wants to keep up to date with discussions and wants to increase their network profile on the site. Join now: http://www.brijj.com/group/kontrollbase-users
Kontrollbase 2.0.1 revision 281 available for download
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A new version of Kontrollbase – the enterprise monitoring, analytics, reporting, and historical analysis webapp for MySQL database administrators and advanced users of MySQL databases – is available for download. See the downloads page or run “svn update” to get your new version today. http://kontrollsoft.com/software-downloads
Kontrollbase reporter XML Parser error has been fixed
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If you have seen the following error on the Perf Report tab “Message: SimpleXMLElement::__construct()…” – it has been fixed in revision 281. This only affects alerts 11 and 12 so you might not run into it immediately. The solution is to either remove lines “586, 590, 639, 650″ from the bin/kontroll-reporter-5.0.x_linux-x86-2.0.1.pl file, or to run [...]
Advanced analytics report added to Kontrollbase CLI-reporter
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It didn’t take long, but the advanced analytics reporting code has been added to the command line reporter version of Kontrollbase. Click here to see an example of the tuning and analytics report output (html format). Now you have all of the reporting features (minus the growth over time) features that are offered in the [...]
Join the Kontrollbase Users group on LinkedIn
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We have a new users’s group on LinkedIn for anyone that wants to keep up to date with discussions and wants to increase their network profile on the site. Join now: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2655021
How to upgrade your Kontrollbase schema
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If you have recently downloaded or checked out a new version of Kontrollbase and find that you need to upgrade the schema from a previous version then you will probably find this post useful. If you don’t know if you need to upgrade then you probably do, so read along for a bit just to [...]
Kontrollbase CLI gives you advanced MySQL tuning in one powerful script
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Good news for everyone that has wanted the performance tuning abilities of Kontrollbase – the opensource enterprise monitor for MySQL – but didn’t want to install a centralized monitoring application for their MySQL database servers. Now the same performance tuning reports are available in a single script that can be run from the command line [...]
Kontrollbase revision 270 is available for download
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The latest version of Kontrollbase – the opensource enterprise MySQL analytics and performance tuning application –  is available for download. Since the previous one, version 225, there have been a lot of great changes. The most significant being the development and inclusion of the Reporter CLI script – which is a combination of the client, [...]
Vote for the next Kontrollbase feature
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It’s about time to add a new major feature to Kontrollbase. I’ve had some great feedback from the user community regarding features and options for improvement. Here’s your chance to get a vote in on the next addition. Vote now!
Kontrollbase gets more environment statistics
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More stats for your consumption! Here are the latest additions to the environment overview reporting features. On the overview page, as of revision 238, you will find the following data for your servers. Update your revision now using ’svn update’ to get the new features or wait until the next formal release if you are [...]
Dirty growth-over-time query
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I’ve been messing around with the Kontrollbase schema for the last couple of days, writing various queries for the daily reporting scripts that will eventually be an automated pdf report. I’ll give you examples of two of the queries, the first being overall environment stats, and the second being single-host growth over time.

Overall environment stats
select ((((MAX(os_mem_used)) / 1024 ) / 1024) / 1024) max_os_mem_used, ((((MIN(os_mem_used)) / 1024 ) / 1024) / 1024) min_os_mem_used, ((((AVG(os_mem_used)) / 1024 ) / 1024) / 1024) avg_os_mem_used, ((((STDDEV_POP(os_mem_used)) / 1024 ) / 1024) / 1024) stdev_os_mem_used, ((((MAX(length_data + length_index)) / 1024 ) / 1024) / 1024) max_size, ((((MIN(length_data + length_index)) / 1024 ) / 1024) / 1024) min_size, ((((AVG(length_data + length_index)) / 1024 ) / 1024) / 1024) avg_size,

  [Read more...]
Vote for Kontrollbase on MySQL Forge
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Just a reminder to all of those users that are enjoying Kontrollbase – if you get a minute in your day please go to the MySQL Forge site and put your vote in on Kontrollbase. It’s a simple star based vote on the right side of the page located here: http://forge.mysql.com/projects/project.php?id=318

Kontrollbase – error adding hosts/user/client
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If you are having an issue with adding hosts/clients/users on revision 162 it’s because of the INSERT DELAYED sql command being used. Before I release a new version, please change the following lines in the file “system/application/models/mode_app.php” Incorrect code line 70: $sql0="INSERT DELAYED INTO server_list ( line 139: $sql0="INSERT DELAYED INTO `server_client` ( line 177: $sql0="INSERT DELAYED INTO `system_users` [...]
Kontrollbase rev-158 available
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This comes rather quickly as the last revision – 150 was just uploaded a few days ago. This is because there was a new method of checking config options in the bin/ scripts that utilizes the codeigniter config files instead of config.cfg in the base directory, the problem was the all of the required bin/ [...]
Updated Kontrollbase screenshots
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There have been a lot of changes to the UI since the original screenshots were uploaded so it was about time that the page should reflect the current look on the application. Check them out here to see the new theme and features: http://kontrollsoft.com/screenshots
OSX support development begins
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This should be an interesting advance for Kontrollbase. I recently acquired a older dual 2ghz G5 PPC Power Mac running 10.5.8 and have just finished the installation of MySQL Community 5.0.85 (mysql-5.0.85-osx10.5-powerpc-64bit). I should note that the installation process is actually easier than it is on RHEL with RPMs. Quite nice. So, given this [...]
Kontrollbase version 2.0.1 rev-115 available
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The latest version is available for download. Big changes include a debug log file view tab, redesigned system management screen, authentication ACL fixes, host state fixes for server-loop, AJAX’d user/host/client pages, data grids for all pertinent tables, and a fix for the slate theme submit button. If you are running an older version of Kontrollbase I would highly recommend upgrading. I’ll be adding an “upgrade” page to the documentation today for just that purpose. Download the new release here: http://kontrollsoft.com/software-downloads

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