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Learn to stop using shiny new things and love MySQL
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It's almost a year old, but this post on the Pinterest engineering blog is really great advice:

My favorite advice from there: "Keep it simple. No matter what technology you’re using, it will fail."

Happy reading.

What have we learnt in two decades of MySQL?
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 Article on Information Age:

From obscurity to the mainstream, the journey of MySQL shows the power of the open source community to drive innovation. Read the full article here:

Understanding Tokutek Fractal Tree Indexes
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Download PDF Presentation

Thanks to Tim Callaghan for speaking Tuesday night at the Effective MySQL New York meetup on Fractal Tree Indexes : Theory and Practice (MySQL and MongoDB). There was a good turnout and a full room to learn how the TokuDB storage engine from Tokutek

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MySQL Disasters, and how to avoid yours
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Download PDF Presentation

Organizations are always making improvements for scalability, however disaster preparedness is the poor cousin. This presentation will show you how to easily avoid the most common MySQL disaster situations.
Backup and recovery is critical for business continuity, many websites run the risk of data loss or corruption because existing procedures (if any) are generally flawed. Discussion includes:

  • The …

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Setting up Google Cloud SQL
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You can activate Google Cloud SQL from the Google APIs Console at NOTE: At the time of this publication this was in limited beta.

From the Google APIs console, you can create a new instance. You can then use the Web interface to run SQL statements, import and export data. There is also a Google SQL command line client that can be configured with:

# Java 6 is a dependency of the Google SQL client
$ [ -z `which java 2>/dev/null` ] && sudo apt-get install -y openjdk-6-jre-headless
$ [ -z `which unzip 2>/dev/null` ] && sudo apt-get …
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Setting up AWS RDS
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a managed MySQL solution via Relational Database Service (RDS). The following instructions will enable you to configure and run RDS. Refer to Using Amazon Web Services for initial information about AWS requirements.

The following instructions are for Ubuntu.


$ [ -z `which java 2>/dev/null` ] && sudo apt-get install -y openjdk-6-jre-headless
$ [ -z `which unzip 2>/dev/null` ] && sudo apt-get install -y unzip


# See …
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Using Amazon Web Services
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After Setting up Amazon Web Services you can follow these steps to use the EC2 CLI tools to manage EC2 instances.

As per the setup instructions you require the following environment variables to use the tools. It is recommend you add these to $HOME/.bashrc or appropriate shell startup script.

$ export EC2_HOME=$HOME/aws/ec2
$ export PATH=$EC2_HOME/bin:$PATH
# For Ubuntu
$ export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/
# For Mac OSX Use
# export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home/

Necessary Access Controls

In addition …

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Setting up Amazon Web Services
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This tutorial will help you register and get ready to use Amazon Web Service (AWS). AWS provides a free tier so it is possible to use these services at ZERO cost.

These instructions are used by the Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery book examples.

Step 1: Registration

  1. Goto AWS site
  2. Register email address
  3. Enter Login Credentials
  4. Enter Contact …
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What have I been up to lately?
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Despite my best intentions, I haven't posted on this blog for a while, which is a shame! I've become busy writing on so many other places since I moved into my new role in the Oracle Linux product management team in April. I've learned a lot and I am feeling quite at home here! The team is excellent and very nice to work with — I am slowly getting the "Big Picture".

But even though I've been neglecting this blog, there are a lot of things that are publicly visible and document some of my activites:

I've created two podcasts for the …

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MySQL tools article
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Although I no longer maintain, I still actively develop MySQL tools. An article I wrote, 10 essential MySQL tools for admin, was published today. I hope no one’s feelings are hurt if their tool isn’t in the list, but it was rather difficult to compile the list given that so many tools are either not actively developed, not tested, or not well documented. Given lag time between writing and publishing, I was not able to write about Yoshinori’s MHA or newer tools. And given length …

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