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Four short links: 19 March 2010
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  • Tsung -- GPLed multi-protocol (HTTP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, WebDAV, SOAP, XMPP) load tester written in Erlang.
  • Myth of China's Manufacturing Prowess -- The latest data shows [...] that the United States is still the largest manufacturer in the world. In 2008, U.S. manufacturing output was $1.8 trillion, compared to $1.4 trillion in China (UN data. China’s data do not separate manufacturing from mining and utilities. So the actual Chinese manufacturing number should be much smaller). Also contains pointers to an interesting discussion of lack of opportunities for college grads in China.
  • OpenSSO and the Value of Open
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    451 CAOS Links 2008.12.05
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    IBM picks Ubuntu for virtual desktop. Nokia acquires Symbian and prepares for open source. SourceForge gets a new CEO. Microsoft finds some old TCO numbers down the back of the couch. And more.

    Official announcements
    IBM and Business Partners Introduce a Linux-Based, Virtual Desktop IBM

    Novell Reports Financial Results for Fourth Fiscal Quarter and Full Fiscal Year 2008 Novell

    SourceForge Appoints Scott L. Kauffman President and Chief Executive Officer SourceForge

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    ... Syslogd and GlassFish, REST for OpenSSO, JAX-RS is final, China, SmugMug and ZFS and MySQL
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    A compilation of today's news of interest:

    Marco had a small expedition tracking a bug in GlassFish v2 interacting with Syslogd. He found a solution and has Posted his Story and Patches. Still working on how the fix will migrate back to the main repository.

    OpenSSO now has a set of RESTful Web Services to access its functionality to do things like authenticate, authorize, validate, etc.

    And, on the same topic, the JCP just formally announced that JAX-RS 1.0 is now final. The final specification

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    Microsoft Ruined China's Big Show
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    I just picked up on Matt Asay's post about some windows machine that crashed during the Beijing Olympics. At the pivotal moment when the torch carrier descended down from top of the stadium, someone caught a picture of the blue screen of death.
    Here is the "perfect picture" of the event:

    What makes this picture even funnier for me is that I was in Beijing for

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    LinuxInsider: Sun, Open Source Standard Bearer!
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    The MySQL acquisition is quickly changing the perception of Sun's commitment to Open Source.

    Earlier today I pointed to new efforts in the Health and the Education industries, here are two more stories:

    • The University of Tokyo and Sun start Research on HPC and Web-based Languages
    • Sun and Chinese Government announce

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