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Get the Best from Web, Cloud, and Embedded Applications as a MySQL DBA
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After taking this MySQL for Database Administrators course, you will be equipped to use all the features of MySQL to get the best out of your Web, Cloud, and embedded applications, whether you work with the command line or graphical tools such as MySQL Workbench and MySQL Enterprise Monitor, whether your application uses complex queries or the NoSQL API, and whether your preferred challenge is replicated servers or highly-tuned transactional systems.

You can take this …

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Wide Selection of MySQL DBA Training Events
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MySQL for Database Administrators is the foundation of the authentic MySQL Curriculum. By taking this live 5-day instructor-led course, you find out how MySQL enhancements increase performance, scalability, reliability and manageability of your Web, Cloud and embedded application requirements.

You will learn to:

  • Setup the server and databases
  • Maintain and secure data
  • Configure for performance and high availability …
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Saving $1,100 Simply by Clicking Faster – Collaborate 13 IOUG Forum Discounts exp. 3/6/2013
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Take 50% Off COLLABORATE 13 Now Through Wednesday But you’ve got to act fast! If you’re not already one of the many joining the IOUG at COLLABORATE 13 – IOUG Forum, sign up today for your chance at attending for … Continue reading →

Enhance Your MySQL Skills with Virtual Developer Day: MySQL
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MySQL is the world’s most popular open-source database, and powers websites and applications of numerous leading and fast-growing organizations.

On March 12, we’re hosting the first Virtual Developer Day: MySQL at 9am PST to give you a one-stop shop to learn all the essential MySQL skills and the latest features in MySQL 5.6 GA. With a combination of presentations and hands-on lab experience, you’ll have the opportunity to practice in your own …

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Efficient Partial Table Scans
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There's a pretty common MySQL recipe for performance that if you want to efficiently scan through lots of rows in small chunks that LIMIT with OFFSET is right out.  Using OFFSET, MySQL will have to scan all the rows until it finds the starting position before it starts reading results to return.   Just to be clear, these statements look like:


If you were trying to read all rows in table then this would  be a very slow and expensive way to do that (in terms of MySQL resources.) The most common optimization is to switch to an algorithm where …

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New MySQL Administrator Training on MySQL 5.6
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Get the most out of the great new release, MySQL 5.6, by taking the MySQL for Database Administrators training course.

During this 5 day instructor-led course you configure replication between multiple instances, design advanced replication topologies and recover from replication, network, or hardware failure taking advantage of MySQL 5.6 replication performance.

You also gain knowledge on the following:

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Gain MySQL Database Administrator Skills to Access Top Data Jobs
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As 2013 begins, MySQL is way ahead for job openings in the data area. So perfect your MySQL database administration skills with the authentic MySQL for Database Administrator course.

In this 5 day course, you learn to install the MySQL Server, set up replication and security, perform database backups and performance tuning, and protect MySQL database.

You can take this course through one of the following delivery methods …

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The Queen of Evil is back … and she wants your MySQL database skills!
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She hired the 400+ original MySQLers … and sets out to hire the SkySQLers of tomorrow! Boel Larsen blogs about open positions & life at SkySQL - and wants you to join the fun!

Those of you who know me also know that I spent over six years working for MySQL HR (for another couple of years I stayed on with Sun).  I joined as employee thirty-something, so running HR meant that I was more or less involved with hiring all of the 400 or so employees who joined after me. I knew pretty much everyone by name.

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Customisable Graphs for MySQL Database Administration in AWS & Dev Release for On-premise Administration Console
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2nd release of SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite provides users with customisation capabilities for free cloud database deployments Update release: SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite

SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite is a collection of software components that provides a highly available database solution in a cloud environment based on MariaDB and 100% compatible with the MySQL database. It includes the following features:

  • An automatic configurator
  • An administrative console with ...
    • A graphical backup and recovery …
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Develop DBA skills with MySQL for Database Administrators course
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MySQL is the world's number one open source database and the number one database for the Web. Join top companies by developing your MySQL Database Administrator skills.

The MySQL for Database Administrators course is for DBAs and other database professionals who want to install the MySQL Server, set up replication and security, perform database backups and performance tuning, and protect MySQL databases.

You can take this 5 day course as

  • Training on Demand: Start training within 24 hours of registration. You will follow the lecture material via streaming video and perform hands-on activities at a date and time that suits you. …
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