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Google Test Automation Conference 2007
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The titles of the videos look very much like “must watch”. Found via ThinkPHP, thanks.

MyWebEr - creating documentation on the fly
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In my last post I’ve asked for any help on my project. So, tanks to Jay Pipes for his tip.
One of most developer problems is documentation. And a good solution was initially appeared in Java with javadoc. At now many languages have special javadoc-like tools. I’ve made a little research, and decided to use jsdoc and phpdoc in my project. I am still open for any suggestions

We did talk about Web-2.0 Security
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On Tuesday our CIO, Johann-Peter Hartmann, gave a Web-seminar about security issues in the Web 2.0 era. We had about 140 participants and some very good questions in the following Q&A Session. We would like to thank you for the response and also we´d like to thank Jürgen from MySQL, our webinar-host.

We uploaded our slides as promised. To download them, click here.

If you missed the Web-Seminar you get a chance to see the recording of it here (http://www.mysql.de/news-and-events/on-demand-webinars/security-20070130.php.de).
But be aware: It´s in german!!!

For english readers/speakers: Johann held an english security talk some time ago. Find it here

  [Read more...]
AJAX Tutorial with Prototype
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Here's the AJAX prototype example that I used in my AJAX presentation today.

I wanted to give an example of a good use of AJAX, and at the same time keep it simple. So I thought a good example would be to build a zip code verifier. As soon as the person enters the zip code it makes a request to the server to see if the zip code is in the database, and returns the city and state.

So the user first sees this:

Once the zip code is entered, and the response received it looks like this:

If the zip code is not found in the db:

Ok, now lets build it...

Download prototype, and a zip  [Read more...]

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