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Server Ownership Legalities
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As I reported via Twitter late last week, we encountered an issue that got some of our mail delivery delayed by about a day and a half. I’ll explain more about what happened as I believe in openness on these matters, and also the experience has educational content for others.

Our mail server doesn’t have direct external interaction, it’s shielded by two relays that handle both the inbound MX and the outbound queue. This setup works remarkably well in terms of exposure to spam and other malicious activity. As previously discussed, it appears that it’s more difficult to make mail server infra more resilient without expending lots more time/effort and …

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Momentum MTA Performance Tuning Tips
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This post is being constantly updated as we find out more useful information on Momentum tuning. Last update: 2012-05-05.

About 2 months ago I’ve joined LivingSocial technical operations team and one of my first tasks there was to figure out a way to make our MTAs perform better and deliver faster. We use a really great product called Momentum MTA (former Ecelerity) and it is really fast, but it is always good to be able to squeeze as much performance as possible so I’ve started looking for a ways …

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Mailing List activity
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Just noticed that the Drizzle list has had more messages since June last year (2008) than the mysql internals@ list has had since March 2006.

It turns out....
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I got a phone call the other day from someone asking about MaxDB MailDB. He said that he got my phone number from something he read online. I publish my phone number with a lot of my writings, as well as the url to *this page you're reading now*

So some people call me on it sometimes. I might have to put up an asterisk filter some time if I get too many calls.

He called me to tell me that MailDB is the new Jesus Christ and that I should *sell sell sell*!!!! (!!!)

He didn't put it quite that way, but that's the gist of the conversation.

Those of you who are interested in buying, please accept a license to the following code …

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