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CRIB – CentRal Information Base for MySQL

CRIB is a CentRal Information Base for MySQL, a long time coming project since I worked on it on and off for a few weeks and now I decided it’s time to hand it over to the global MySQL community.

So, what is CRIB?

CRIB is a central database which collects information about all your MySQL instances which you set as clients. It is monitoring in a way, but not the typical number of connections, memory, index usage, table scans, cpu usage and such, but rather consists of a repository where, if you have tens, hundreds or even thousands of clients, you can see where a particular user was created, where a certain database name features or which tables does a database consists of. It also features a script which logs table sizes periodically (customizable) so you can graph disk usage over time and be able to forecast future disk space requirements easily.

Download the latest code with: bzr branch lp:crib

First …

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