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MySQL Security Best Practices

If you install a MySQL Database Server with the default options, your data are insecure and your server is in risk of invasion and some performance issues will appear shortly. With some best practices, your MySQL database becomes secure and the performance goes well. 1 – Set root password and change its login name As... Read More

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Export and Import MySQL Databases

When you have a MySQL server in production, backups are necessary to protect your data against any problem that may occur with your server. To make the backup and to restore the data, Exporting to a dump file The operation of export is also called dumping. To carry out the exporting, use the command msyqldump […]

Probably the worst way to deal with a stuck query...

is to disable a customer's account for more than 24 hours without any warning whatsoever. This happened to one of my accounts and I'm beyond furious at the database and network administrators of Seriously, guys, I don't know of a more unprofessional way of dealing with a stuck query.

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