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Optimized Pagination using MySQL

Dealing with large data sets makes it necessary to pick out only the newest or the hottest elements and not displaying everything. In order to have older items still available, Pagination navigation's have become established. However, implementing a Pagination with MySQL is one of those problems that can be optimized poorly with MySQL and certainly other RDBM systems. However, knowing the underlying database can also help in optimizing pagination queries, because there is no real copy and paste solution.

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MySQL Paginated displays – How to kill performance vs How to improve performance!

Pagination is used very frequently in many websites, be it search results or most popular posts they are seen everywhere. But the way how it is typically implemented is naive and prone to performance degradation. In this article I attempt on explaining the performance implications of poorly designed pagination implementation. I have also analyzed how Google, Yahoo and Facebook handle pagination implementation. Then finally i present my suggestion which will greatly improve the performance related to pagination.

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