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Sphinx at Divendo

Many Sphinx users utilize MySQL as a data source. Divendo is one of them. This blog post will relay the story of how Divendo got going with Sphinx after MySQL fulltext search became unwieldy. Enjoy! Divendo Divendo is a meta-search engine for classified ads serving the following continents and countries: Europe: Spain, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom Americas: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela Asia: India Australia [...]

ActionMessage Email Marketing – Powered by Sphinx Search

This blog post features a quick and interesting story from James (from ActionMessage), an early adopter of Sphinx. We met him at Percona Live: the MySQL User Conference, a few years back. This year, we asked if he would like to share his story with our community. Here it is. Enjoy! “I’m James Briggs from ActionMessage [...]

Case Study: Sphinx@Jobma

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how Jobma improved search for their users by switching from MySQL fulltext search to Sphinx. Enjoy! What is Jobma? Jobma is a new job portal based solely on Video Resumes, which permits job seekers to quickly and directly reach potential employers. The hiring process is easier with the help [...]

Powered by MariaDB badges

There are more sites out there that have their backends running MariaDB. In fact, as we work to get it recommended alongside its upstream provider, it seemed time to have “Powered by MariaDB” logos. Check out the badges that Daniel created. Feel free to copy the images or hotlink them from the server.

As an aside, would any readers be interested in purchasing t-shirts or other MariaDB merchandise? What merchandise should we make, besides just stickers?

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