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I want simple things to be easy

I like to write tools that make hard things easy, when possible. By and large, MySQL is easy and simple. But some simple things are too hard with MySQL. I want to change that, at least for the things that matter the most to me, and which I think I know how to fix.

I will probably write a lot about this. I have already written a number of rants blog posts about the lack of instrumentation in MySQL, and that is where I’ll probably continue to put most of my energy.

To begin with, imagine this simple scenario. You are a remote DBA. Your client says “New Relic is showing periods of slow response time from the database.” You connect to MySQL at the command line and try to troubleshoot. How do you catch the problem in action, from within the database itself? The following are no good:

  • It doesn’t count to see the problem two minutes later by observing the application tier, as New Relic does. That’s too late, and …
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