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Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, and Drizzle. oh my.

To follow up on Chuck’s post from earlier this week, I want to say that yes, on Monday morning I raced across the office to share the crazy news that Oracle is trying to buy MySQL Sun.  Though, I don’t remember yelling.

But, I did have a real point here and that is that the numbers that he quoted are prior to the Enterprise / Community split that happened late in 2006 and since then, the landscape has changed dramatically.

Today, there are at least 5 different major forks of MySQL to choose from (and I won’t even talk about the already complicated version and storage engine choices that most companies have to make).  I am counting MySQL Community (freely available)l MySQL Enterprise (allowing for enterprise support contracts with Sun); Our Delta  (a patched MySQL Community version); Monty Widenus’ MariaDB; and of course, Drizzle.   I’m sure there are others that I’m forgetting.  This has the …

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Oracle also acquires MySQL… right?

Yes, we all know that Oracle has acquired Sun. Or intends to. They still have to get through a few hurdles, one of which will be the SEC.

My first thought upon hearing the news (delivered by Sarah, running over to the copy machine yelling, “Did you hear?! Oracle just bought Sun!!” causing me to completely jam the automatic paper feeder, and sending me into personal technology dispair for the rest of the day) was, wow, Oracle just bought MySQL!

Then I read Oracle’s press release:

What? No mention of MySQL. At. All.

Back to the SEC. Acquiring Java, Solaris, and the struggling hardware and services bits of Sun are likely a no-brainer. It’s a verticle acquisition and doesn’t smell very anti-competitive; certainly Oracle’s collective purchase of every major enterprise …

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