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Recent Presentations in Cali, Colombia

On July 4 I gave two presentations at the OTN Tour Day, and on July 5 I have three presentations at the MySQL Training Days. This was my 3rd visit to Colombia and it was great to see a receptive audience. Thanks to Robin for organizing the events in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

You can download all presentations from the provided links.

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MySQL Best Practices for DBAs and Developers

This is one of the MySQL presentations I’m doing on the OTN LAD Tour in South America, starting today in Lima, Peru.

MySQL Best Practices for DBAs and Developers

Learn the right techniques to maximize your investment in MySQL by knowing the best practices for DBAs and Developers. Understand what subtle differences between MySQL and other RDBMS products are essential to understand in order to maximize the benefits and strengths of MySQL. We will be covering areas including the minimum MySQL configuration, ideal SQL, MySQL security and schema optimizations.

  • MySQL Configuration default settings including SQL_MODE
  • Documenting, formatting and future proofing your SQL
  • Developing and reviewing all SQL paths
  • MySQL physical and user security
  • The best schema optimizations
  • Essential Monitoring and …
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The other Oracle ACE Director

While the choice of Ronald Bradford and Sheeri Cabral were natural for Oracle ACE Director my own nomination was perhaps a bit of a surprise. Well, it was to me anyway.

Those of you at the conference may have noticed that I had no (super-cool) ACE Director jacket when I was called up on the stage...

Well that was because the jacket was too big, and I had already returned it to Lenz for it to be exchanged.

Unfortunately I can't return the shoes because they are too big for me as well...

Meet the First Oracle ACE Director in MySQL — Sheeri Cabral

I’m excited to share the news that Oracle ACE program has been extended to cover MySQL community now and Pythian’s Sheeri Cabral has become the very first Oracle ACE Director in MySQL expertize area. It’s a special privilege for me to blog about it because I had a pleasure to nominate Sheeri in the first place. Being an Oracle ACE Director myself and knowing what’s involved, I believed that if Oracle ACE program is extended to MySQL, Sheeri must be the number one candidate.

It’s impossible to overestimate Sheeri’s role in the MySQL community — her advocacy for the technology and commitment to building and supporting the community. She’s been presenting about MySQL …

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