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Purging binary logs.

Being a MySQL DBA , one faces a common issue in replication environment -> Disk space issue on master, since the number of binary logs have increased. Now, one of the solution to this would be using expire_logs_days parameter in your mysql config file. But what if, the slave is lagging by few hours or if the slave is broken since few days and the binary logs are removed due to the parameter set. Whenever the salve comes up, it will go bonkers, knowing that the binary log where it last stopped no more exists.
I faced this issue a couple of times until I decided to automate it using a script. Herewith I am attaching the URL to my python script which can run regularly in cron. Features :

  • Checks the slaves connected to the master (I have limit it to 3 for now.)
  • Checks the last binary log file which is being used by the slave.
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