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How many CPU cycles does a SQL query take? (or pagefaults caused… or L2 cache misses… or CPU migrations…)

I like profilers. I use them when trying to make software (such as Drizzle) faster. Many profilers suck – and pretty much all of them are impossible to attach to a running system. Two notable exceptions are oprofile and dtrace (for Linux and Solaris respectively). The downside of oprofile is that it is non trivial to configure and get running and is pretty much all or nothing. Dtrace has the major disadvantage of that it is Solaris specific, so is only available to a minority of our users (and developers).

The new Linux Performance Events interface (perf_event) presents to userspace a nice abstraction of the hardware Performance Monitoring Unit inside the CPU. Typically these are processor specific (i.e. the one in a Core is different than the one in a Core 2) and can only be used by one thing at a time. The perf_events interface lets multiple applications/threads use the PMU (switching state at context switch as needed), even giving us …

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