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451 CAOS Links 2009.12.15

Recent non-Oracle/EC/MySQL news.

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For the latest on Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL via Sun, see Everything you always wanted to know about MySQL but were afraid to ask

# Novell reshuffled its Linux business into Security, Management and Operating Platforms business unit.

# HP partnered with Red Hat, Novell and Microsoft to target Sun migrations.

# The US DoJ …

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Listen to Monty

I don't always agree with Monty but this time he is right. Now is the time to provide feedback on the merger. I wish there were more commentary on plans for MySQL after the merger.

My concern is the documentation license. If we want to improve MySQL at a faster rate than the docs copyright holder, then we must create separate documentation as we cannot publish a modified version of the official documentation. Several people have written about this before including me, Baron, Sheeri, …

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