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MySQLi result set iteration - recursive

PHP 5.3 is released and after the release stress is over my mind is open for new ideas. While relaxing yesterday I thought about many things, among them was the Resultset iterator I recently discussed.

Now I wondered where to go next with this and had the idea that an individual Resultset is a child of the whole result and this might be wrapped in an Recursive Iterator. For doing so we don't implement the Iterator interface but RecursiveIterator. RecursiveIterator extends a typical Iterator with two methods: hasChildren() and getChildren(). But now we have a problem: The Iterator returned by getChildren() has to be a RecursiveIterator, too, which makes sense, in general. But I want to return a MySQLi Resultset which isn't recursive - so making this a RecursiveIterator is wrong. My solution now is to introduce yet another Iterator which goes by …

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