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Sushi and DNS Problems

There seem to be different repeating topics within the Open Source and Geek community.

Koen did a good job explaining how the Great Belgian Firewall reall can't be solved using DNS tricks.

And Giuseppe tackles the ever recurring Sushi. It has to be said ... Geeks love Sushi and not just the MySQl geeks , every conference we go to we try to squeeze in at least 1 Sushi visit.. sometimes more ..... Nurenberg, Manchester, Cambridge, Ottawa , ... and there's more to come .. :)

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MySQL community and sushi

Now, relax. This is not haircut blogging. There is actually a true relationship between MySQL Community and sushi. Just bear with me for a while.
I went to meet Drew in front of a quiet sushi restaurant in Santa Clara, CA. In his latest email, he said "we will meet you there", implying that there was more than one person. He mentioned a wife in one of his email, and so I expected at least two people.
Curious thing, this meeting. It all started in 2006, when I published an article about replication techniques. In answer to that article, I received dozens of email messages, with comments, congratulations, requests for help, job offers. Drew's message started as a praise, than he asked some questions, and we exchanged some more emails in the …

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