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MySQL :: Developer Zone Quick Polls

I don’t get to the MySQL Developer Zone main page often enough. In thinking about what pages I view everyday or regularly, it doesn’t rate as high as Planet MySQL, MySQL Forums or even the MySQL Forge.

I was most dissappointed in the results of a recent poll What did you think of the 2006 Users Conference?. The top response was I had no idea there was a Users Conference. That’s not good to see this.

An interesting poll What are you most looking forward to at the MySQL Users Conference (April 24-27)?, the clear …

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A Post MySQL Conference review. The 4 F?s

Finally back home after some R&R at Yosemite before leaving the US. In conclusion, to sum up my experience of the 4th Annual MySQL Users Conference “Excellent”.
Here’s my take. Friends, Functionality & New Features, the Future.


I’ve used MySQL now for over 6 years, and full time for a number of years, yet I’ve only become active in the MySQL community, particularly Planet MySQL in the past 6 months. Over that time, I’ve read a lot from members, and heard from many people. It was great at the conference to meet many of these people for the first time. The list includes: Community Members - Frank Mash, …

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The Answer is: PBXT

Round 2. Question 2? From the MySQL Quiz Show. (you had to be there)

MySQL Stored Procedures Performance

Another one of the sessions at the MySQL Users Conference I attended was Tuning MySQL5 SQL and Stored Procedures by Guy Harrison from Quest Software. A global company with 6000+ customers.

Guy has written a number of Oracle Performance Books in the past. His work now is on the “Spotlight” product family - Database diagnositic tools converting data to graphical representations. For these products, MySQL 5 and InnoDB only is necessary, simply due to accessing the right internal information for presentation. There are Freeware MySQL product downloads.

In this presentation he stated, nothing he was talking about specifically was relatively new. He did make quite a funny comment, “He is now seeking refugee status in the MySQL …

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Some photos from the MySQL Users Conference

I didn’t take any photos myself at the MySQL User’s Conference. In reflection, perhaps I should. I did make it into some photos however. A few of them here.

Stolen from Jeremy Cole’s Photos at

Mark Shuttleworth

Thursday’s Keynote speaker at the MySQL Conference was Mark Shuttleworth talking on The Ubuntu Project: Improving Collaboration in the Free Software World.

Ubuntu from Canonical Ltd is fastly becoming one of the most popular Linux Distributions, based on Debian. Here were some notes from his presentation. Mark had some really powerful one or two line slides that typified both his presentation intention and the goal of Ubuntu.

Delivering on the Promise of Free Software

  • MySQL levelled the playing field, individuals could use MySQL to build applications that could now compete in the …
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My MySQL Conference Presentation

My talk at the MySQL Users Conference went well. MySQL For Oracle Developers was part of two talks, the second was by Mark Leith on MySQL For Oracle DBA’s.

I had a number of positive comments from attendees, including Ken Jacobs of Oracle who also contributed some valuable information in comparision of UPDATE/DELETE ORDER BY/LIMIT statements I was unaware of.

You can download my paper here.

My slides, like many talks just scratched the surface in the alloted. I’ve been working on additional reference material, a work in progress is available at …

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Hacking MySQL Source improvements

Further to my earlier post Hacking MySQL Source (in a good way) in which I was having a compilation problem when re-compiling MySQL source (i.e. tt worked the first build, but failed on subsequent re-compiles, even with no changes).
I’ve been able to solve my re-compiling issue, with special thanks to Jan Kenschke of MySQL AB, who was near during the MySQL Quiz Show.

As suspected, there is no need to re-run the ./BUILD/compile-pentium-debug command as this cleans, a simple make command is sufficient (I needed to confirm no other command args where needed). By doing this, it also better highlighted the actual error, where previously is wasn’t. I didn’t keep a copy of the error, but in effect I needed to do the following in order to successfully recompile.

su - …
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Contributing to the MySQL Community

Everybody can contribute to the MySQL Open Source Community. Here are some ideas:

  • You can start with completely a MySQL Conference Survey form (those forms that we are all avoiding).
  • You can download, evaluate and test newer versions of MySQL Products.
  • You can contribute to the MySQL Forums to ask questions and even give answers.
  • Log Bugs & Enhancements on MySQL Products.
  • Write about your experiences with MySQL in a Blog and add your Blog to PlanetMySQL. With now over 100 feeds, if everybody wrote something about MySQL in the next year, we would have over 1000 feeds next conference.
  • Contribute your thoughts (via wiki), MySQL products, code snippets and …
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Stumping a MySQL Guru

At the MySQL User Conference - MySQL Quiz Show we were asked to Stump a MySQL Guru. Well I submitted a few questions, and the first one stumped the guru, being Jeremy Cole, and my prize was a MySQL tee-shirt.

The Question: What are the current supported languages of the GRT Environment used in the MySQL GUI products?
The Answer: Lua, C, C++, Java, Python and PHP

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