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MariaDB going places: Drupal, Zend Framework

MariaDB just released MariaDB 5.1.50. Linux, Solaris and Windows (32-bit) are supported. Go give it a twirl.

Its also worth noting that today when you go install Drupal, and check out the documentation for requirements, you’ll see that MariaDB is now a recommended option.

Via the new news page at Monty Program’s newly designed website, I also found out that MariaDB is now recommended in the documentation for the next release of the Zend Framework. See the …

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Enabling MySQL Query Cache with Zend Framework through PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY

It’s interesting that if you read through the Zend dB manual, they mention a big problem with Zend Framework, namely that since Zend uses prepared statements, if you’re running a pre-5.1.17 version of MySQL, you give up the benefits of … Continue reading →

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