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Debugging memory leaks in plugins with Valgrind

I had an interesting IRC discussion the other day with Monty Taylor about what turned out to be a limitation in Valgrind with respect to debugging memory leaks in dynamically loaded plugins.

Monty Taylor's original problem was with Drizzle, but as it turns out, it is common to all of the MySQL-derived code bases. When there is a memory leak from an allocation in a dynamically loaded plugin, Valgrind will detect the leak, but the part of the stack trace that is within the plugin shows up as an unhelpful three question marks "???":

==1287== 400 bytes in 4 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 5 of 8
==1287==    at 0x4C22FAB: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:207)
==1287==    by 0x126A2186: ???
==1287==    by 0x7C8E01: ha_initialize_handlerton(st_plugin_int*) (
==1287==    by 0x88ADD6: plugin_initialize(st_plugin_int*) …
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Conference time!

It is conference time for me. I just came home from FOSDEM 2010 where we had a booth and I gave a talk. At the end of the month there will be a company meeting in Iceland for Monty Program, followed by Open Source Days 2010 where I will also be speaking. And then in April there is the MySQL User Conference. With two additional talks given at local user groups end of last year, I think I've about filled my quota for now, I feel quite fortunate that it turned out that I will not also be presenting at the UC! (I do not have a natural talent for speaking, and tend to need to spend quite a lot of time in preparations.)

Having a booth at FOSDEM turned out really well I think, as I got to talk to a lot of different people that passed by the booth. I also had a very nice …

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RunVM, a tool for automated scripting inside virtual machines

In the Autumn, I wrote about some experiments I did using KVM and virtual machines to build and test MariaDB binary packages on a number of different platforms. In the period since then I added some polish and refinements, and the system is now running well for some time. We build and test packages for Debian (4 and 5), Ubuntu (8.04 to 10.04), Centos 5, and generic Linux; amd64 and i386 architectures.

To better control the startup and shutdown of the virtual machines, I created a small wrapper script around KVM called runvm. This wrapper encapsulates the steps needed to boot up a virtual machine, run a series of commands inside it, and shut it down gracefully afterwards. Some special care is taken in the script to ensure that the …

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Oracle speculations

The Planet MySQL has been abuzz with opinions for or against the acquisition of Sun (and in particular MySQL) by Oracle, but I do not have a strong opinion to chime in with in support of either groups. The reason is that I do not know anything about antitrust laws, which is the legal basis for the EC blocking or not blocking the deal; and also I do not know what the alternative is to Oracle buying the MySQL part of Sun.

However, that does not mean that I can not join in the speculations about Oracles reasons for wanting MySQL in the first place ;-)

I think it is basically a matter of obtaining control over MySQL.

The horror scenario for Oracle is that MySQL (or Postgress or another Free Software program) does to the proprietary databases what Linux has done to the proprietary Unixes. Which is essentially to kill them, slowly but surely. This is not an …

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MariaDB Buildbot configuration file published

I have now published the Buildbot configuration file that we use for our continuous integration tests in our Buildbot setup. Every push into main and development branches of MariaDB is built and tested on a range of platforms to catch and fix any problems early (and we also test MySQL releases before merging to easily see whether any new problems already existed in MySQL or were introduced by something specific to MariaDB).

The configuration is included in the Tools for MariaDB Launchpad project.

Now, the Buildbot configuration file is not something that most …

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Building MariaDB/MySQL with Buildbot and KVM

Testing and automation. These two are key to ensuring high quality of software releases.

Ever since I worked briefly in the team at MySQL AB that is responsible for creating the binary (and source) packages of MySQL releases, I have had the vision of a fully automated release procedure. Whenever someone pushes a new commit to the release branch revision control tree, the continuous integration test framework should kick in and do all the steps needed for producing release packages:

  • Checkout the new revision.
  • Build a source tarball, and save it.
  • For each platform, build a binary package from the source tarball. The build should be done in a freshly installed machine without any revision control checkouts, previous build trees, or extra installed software, to ensure that no unwanted dependencies or stray …
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Valgrinding Drizzle

Like so many others, I got interested in the Drizzle project when it started. Some good ideas, lots of enthusiasm, and just pure GPL license, no "yes, we will take your work for free and sell proprietary licenses to it" SCA.

I even started contributing some development, fixing a number of Valgrind-detected bugs in Drizzle. I am proud that we kept the MySQL code 100% free of Valgrind errors, and wanted to help keep the same in Drizzle. So I debugged and fixed quite a few of the Valgrind-detected bugs that had crept in since forking from MySQL.

As I remember, I got down to two or three remaining or so. However, I it did discourage me somewhat to see how quickly these bugs had been allowed to enter the code. I remember one case where there was a Drizzle patch that had tried to simplify some field types. As I remember, the patch tried to simplify the code by eliminating some of multiple variants of string types. All well and good, but …

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