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2/3 myisam_suggest: an AutoComplete tool for MySQL fulltext indices

As I’ve written in my previous post “1/3 Implementing an AutoSuggest feature using MySQL fulltext indices”, it’s possible to use the MySQL/MyISAM full-text index to extract search words for an AutoSuggest feature with great performance (because the index tree is used actually). This tool, called myisam_suggest, is my first implementation of this. Download Here: myisam_suggest.c [...]

1/3 Implementing an AutoSuggest feature using MySQL fulltext indices

The MySQL full-text index Current MySQL versions provide a full-text index (FTI) which is generally used to index and search MyISAM (the default storage engine in MySQL) tables like this: SELECT id, content FROM documents WHERE MATCH(content) AGAINST ("tes*" IN BOOLEAN MODE) Internally, every indexed (text) column of a row is splitted into its words. [...]

TOTD #40: jQuery Autcomplete widget with MySQL, GlassFish, NetBeans

TOTD #39 explained how to create an Autocomplete widget (server-powered autocompleting of text fields, similar to Google Suggest) using Prototype/ libraries with NetBeans, GlassFish and MySQL. This Tip Of The Day (TOTD) builds upon that project and shows how same functionality can be achieved using jQuery Library.

  1. Use the NetBeans project created in TOTD #39. Right-clicking on the project, select "New", "JSP...", enter the name as "index2" …
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