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Developer Spotlight, February 2018 — Myndbend

“The Apps Marketplace is more than just a place to list your apps, it comes with a community of like-minded partners, developers and Zendesk experts.”

Meet Gregg. Gregg is the founder of Myndbend Multimedia, Inc. which develops enterprise-level, integrated apps for Zendesk, and provides other SaaS-related services that enhance and expand a platform’s capabilities. For more than 7 years, Myndbend has built apps for clients who need unique functionality within Zendesk to facilitate and automate their processes. Let’s hear more about Myndbend’s journey as a Zendesk development shop.

How did you first get started with Zendesk and what prompted you to build on Zendesk’s platform? Was there a specific problem you were trying to solve?

Myndbend started in 2001 with custom web development projects that demanded heavy customer …

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GlassFish @ University of Essex and Frankfurt - Go Campus Ambassadors!

This blog highlights couple of contributions by Campus Ambassadors (CA) from University of Essex and Frankfurt towards GlassFish.

Jenya Kovalchuk (Campus Ambassador in the University of Essex, UK) gave a talk on GlassFish. The pre- and post-conditions of talk are really compelling:

Pre-condition: No one out of 25 present ever heard about GlassFish
Post-condition: Everyone is looking forward to put their hands on, how great it is! dear all, we are approaching labs where …

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GlassFish and MySQL Student Contest - Winners announced

GlassFish and MySQL student contest winners are announced!

Kolli Bharath from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, India (review, project) and Tomas Augusto Muller, Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil (review, …

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GlassFish and MySQL Student Contest - 3 steps to earn $500

Are you a student and like to earn $500 ? Here are three steps:

That's all it takes for a chance to win $500. And there are 5 $250 second prizes as well. The prize money comes right in time for winter holiday shopping :)

A pre-compiled list of several projects is available for you to get started. And you can certainly churn an innovative idea from your creative mind!

Make sure to read the …

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