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Book Review – Effective MySQL

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Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements by Ronald Bradford No Nonsense, Readable, Practical, and Compact I like that this book is small; 150 pages means you can carry it easily.  It’s also very no nonsense.  It does not dig too deeply into theory unless it directly relates to your day-to-day needs.  And those needs probably cluster [...]

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Query profiling using SHOW PROCESSLIST

The MySQL database server can display a lot of performance statistics. However, most of them relate to general server parameters, such as buffer sizes and query cache settings. Of course, such settings are important to get right, and can make a huge difference in performance. Once you've tuned them however, you need to start looking at the tables and queries. When a single bad query can cost 90 - 99% of the total performance, server tuning doesn't fix the problem. But obtaining query profiling information from MySQL can be tricky. Here are some of the options:Slow query logYou can use the built-in slow_query_log from within the server. It will show you queries that take more than a second. Such queries typically don't use indices properly and are important to address. But only slow queries end up there, and many performance problems aren't caused by slow queries, but by queries that are run very often (for example, for-loops in the code …

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