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How LOCK TABLES interacts with the MySQL slow query log

Here’s a little trivia that you might find helpful. Suppose that I have the following in the MySQL slow query log (abbreviated for clarity):

# User@Host: root[root] @ localhost []
# Time: 100919 17:58:52
# Query_time: 9.648427  Lock_time: 8.648039
select sleep(1) from t limit 1;

To get this into the slow query log, I set the long_query_time to 0 and opened two sessions. In one session I ran LOCK TABLES t WRITE, and in the other I tried to select from that table. As you can see above, 1) LOCK TABLES contributes to the Lock_time number, and 2) the Query_time is the sum of execution time and lock time.

Now, I’ll set long_query_time = 2 and run the same test. What happens? Nothing shows up in the slow query log, because 3) the time spent waiting for table locks doesn’t count towards the slow query time threshold.

A final note: …

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Maatkit version 2582 released

Download Maatkit

The December release is here! There are some goodies in this release, but the major one is an initial version of mk-log-parser, a slow log analysis tool that is carefully designed (with lots of input from Percona consultants) to make slow log analysis as productive and easy as possible. It’s based on a [...]

An alternative to the MySQL Query Analyzer

MySQL just released their new MySQL Query Analyzer (link to a trial), and recently wrote up an interview with Mark Matthews about it. If you haven’t read that article, go ahead and do it. I have not used this software, but I fully believe its functionality is quite nice.

But there is at least [...]

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