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Timing your SQL queries

When working interactively with the MySQL client, you receive feedback of the time the query took to complete to a granularity of 10 ms.

Enabling profiling is a simple way to get more a more accurate timing of running queries. In the following example you can see the time the kernel took to run an explain, the query, and alter, and repeat explain and query.

mysql> set profiling=1;
mysql> SELECT ...
mysql> ALTER ...
mysql> show profiles;
| Query_ID | Duration   | Query
|        1 | 0.00036500 | EXPLAIN SELECT a
|        2 | 0.00432700 | SELECT as sbvi_i
|        3 | 2.83206100 | alter table sbvi drop in
|        4 | 0.00047500 | explain SELECT a
|        5 | 0.00367100 | SELECT as sbvi_i

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MySQL 5.1.29 - Last RC - small changes

MySQL 5.1.29 is available.
This is the last RC. Yes. You heard me right. The long wait is almost over. The next release will be GA.
Sharpen your tools, and get ready to use partitions, row-based replication, and the event scheduler in production without that uneasy sense of guilt that you feel when using non-GA software.

There are a few small changes in MySQL 5.1.29.
SHOW PROFILESIt was already in a preview, but now SHOW PROFILES is available in 5.1 binaries. As you may recall, it is not active …

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