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Sale on .US domains

Following a promotion at the registry. We will be offering .US domain creations for €4 excl. VAT instead of €12 excl. VAT. This sale will last until July 31st and does not concern renewals or transfers.

On the road with the community

Notes of one week with MySQL community in US and France


I wanted to attend the first edition of the Open SQL Camp in Charlottesville, from November 14 to 16. For some mysterious reason, a four days plane ticket to any place in the US costs EUR 2,500, but if I stay 8 days, it costs EUR 800. Considering that I was in Frankfurt until November 8, the most sensible thing to do was flying to the US as early as possible and meet as many communities as I could. Among the ones I asked, Boston and New York answered enthusiastically, and then, serendipitously, I found an unexpected group in Baltimore, just before the last leg to Charlottesville.
I sent all groups a list of ten topics to choose from:
* MySQL 5.1 features
* Using MySQL partitions in practice
* testing with MySQL Sandbox
* MySQL Community How To
* Recent community additions to MySQL code
* Creative cross-language …

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MySQL East Coast mini tour

Next month I will be in the US East Coast, to attend the Open SQL Camp. Since I will arrive a few days earlier, I will also attend a few meetups on the way from Boston to Charlottesville.

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