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So I was bored earlier and decided to add a headline section to - the news site I’ve been working on for relational database management news feeds. It updates automatically based on the number of times an article has been clicked, very simple statistics tracking, and it gets the job done. Also, I increased the number of front page articles to 50.  Enjoy:

To headline or to summarize 1000+ articles per week?

Ok, here’s your chance to make a recommendation on the front page layout for , the new website that features news for all of the major relational database systems. Check out the three options below and leave a comment or email me with your own solution. If selected you will be credited one the site for your influence. 

The question is: we’re getting just over 1000 new articles per week from the feeds, and the current front page displays the title and summary of the latest 10 articles. This means lots of pagination clicking to see even the approximate 150 new articles for the current day. 

Option 1: display only the headlines, no article summaries, for the past 24 hours with links to the full article from the archive. Sorted by published date, limited to the past 24 hours …

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In search of database related RSS feeds

If you have a database related blog and would like to add it to the website for syndication, please post a comment or email your feed to

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