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Log Buffer #209, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Welcome to Log Buffer, the weekly news update of happenings in the database world.

A big shout out to Pythian team members Andrey, Gwen, Fahd, and Don for their submissions. We have lots of news and recommended reading this week so let’s get going with Log Buffer #209.

Andrey Goryunov’s top picks:

Dion Cho, the Oracle Performance Storyteller, provides an explanation of parallel DML execution plan.

Christian …

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Oracle’s Secret New Feature: Educated Guesses

Larry Ellison is announcing a major new feature this Wednesday at Open World. For the first time in a while, his keynote is dedicated to the “database” as opposed to the usual high level ERP/Apps/Fusion. Even the title of his keynote is catchy — “Extreme Performance”.

Oracle has been keeping the new feature a secret. Even the 11gR2 beta program had very few participants to prevent information leaking out. It’s, “Something’s coming, but I am not telling what.”

Okay, it worked on me, I’m excited about it. Let’s think what it could be. What single database feature is so major, that Larry himself will announce it during OpenWorld?

What do we …

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