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What is ndb doing?

In MySQL cluster each SQL statement is translated inside the NDB storage engine to NDB low level protocol that is sent to the data nodes. For the performance it is most interesting how many data is moved between data nodes and MySQL. To monitor this there are several NDB status variables that you can monitor. See this link for more documentation.

(There are also the NDBINFO tables that reflect cluster status. But these are only global values. The status variables also show session status. More about NDBINFO is here.)

To easily report the NDB status on an individual SQL statement, I wrote a little script that gives you the ndb status variables and automatically calculates the diffs before and after the statement in …

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New variables included in MySQL™ 6.0.6-alpha

If this can be of any interest, the following is the list of new variables included in MySQL™ v.6.0.6-alpha. Maria-variables already included in prev. binary versions (like 5.1.23-maria) are not count here.

  1. falcon_checksums: (default ON) to calculate and verify page checksums.
  2. falcon_serial_log_file_size: not documented.
  3. falcon_use_sectorcache:  not documented.
  4. falcon_use_supernodes: not documented.
  5. maria_force_start_after_recovery_failures: Number of consecutive log recovery failures after which logs will be automatically deleted to cure the problem; 0 (the default) disables the feature.
  6. maria_recover: Specifies how corrupted tables should be automatically repaired.

No new status variables have been included. …

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