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New variables included in MySQL™ 6.0.6-alpha

If this can be of any interest, the following is the list of new variables included in MySQL™ v.6.0.6-alpha. Maria-variables already included in prev. binary versions (like 5.1.23-maria) are not count here.

  1. falcon_checksums: (default ON) to calculate and verify page checksums.
  2. falcon_serial_log_file_size: not documented.
  3. falcon_use_sectorcache:  not documented.
  4. falcon_use_supernodes: not documented.
  5. maria_force_start_after_recovery_failures: Number of consecutive log recovery failures after which logs will be automatically deleted to cure the problem; 0 (the default) disables the feature.
  6. maria_recover: Specifies how corrupted tables should be automatically repaired.

No new status variables have been included. …

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