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DBD::mysql 4.008 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of DBD::mysql 4.008!

This release contains several fixes, particularly the issue where TAKE_IMP_DATA_VERSION being defined allowed code features to be compiled in that caused potential grief for anyone running DBI < 1.60x (segfault). I've disabled this for the time being until I find a better solution.

I've also decided from now on, as soon as I get a patch, or if I fix something, even if it is a minute change, I'm rolling out a release. Release early and often, right!?

The changes in this release are:

* Multi statement patch (fixes multi statement issues), thanks to Chris Heath!
* Disabled TAKE_IMP_DATA_VERSION because segfault with DBI < 1.607
* #29528: bind_param(..., SQL_FLOAT) ignores exponents - fixed, Thanks to
Tokuhiro Matsuno!
* Cleanups to make mysqlEmb work under Cygwin - Thanks to Chris Rodgers

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