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Mutex contention and other bottlenecks in MySQL

Over the last few weeks I have been doing some work on improving the concurrency performance of PBXT. The last Alpha version (1.0.03) has quite a few problems in this area.

Most of the problems have been with r/w lock and mutex contention but, I soon discovered that MySQL has some serious problems of it's own. In fact, I had to remove some of the bottlenecks in MySQL in order to continue the optimization of PBXT.

The result for simple SELECT performance is shown in the graph below.

Here you can see that the gain is over 60% for 32 or more concurrent threads. Both results show the performance with the newly optimized version of PBXT. The test is running on a 2.16 MHz dual core processor, so I expect an even greater improvement on 4 or 8 cores. The query I ran for this test is …

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