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Writing a book about Maatkit

I’ve decided to start writing a book about Maatkit. The working title is Using Maatkit. The goal is to provide another angle onto the tools; the docs are quite good in my opinion, but they only say what the tools do. The book will tell you how to use the toolkit to accomplish tasks.

I have no clue when it’ll be done. There is no schedule. At the current rate, it’ll take a while. I posted an outline to the Maatkit mailing list.

I have a few goals for the project. I want it to be printable-quality material (with an index and professional copyediting, which I have already figured out will cost me a pretty penny), but I also want to be able to update it quickly. I’ve had a number of discussions about this idea over the last year with folks in the …

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What is it like to write a technical book?

As you probably know, I recently finished writing a book with a few co-authors. I kept notes along the way and wanted to describe the process for those who are thinking about writing a book, too.

Update: see the followup post for more of the story, including my editor’s responses.

I think it’s important to be objective; my purpose here is to help prospective authors get a feeling of what it’s like, and it’s not all good (but I’d encourage people to do it anyway). Hopefully I won’t come off as sounding peeved at anyone or like I’m trying to put people down. I’ll have a lot to say about what went right and wrong, and how it helped and hindered the process.

Please excuse the rambling nature of this post. I’d love to …

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