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Completed Draft for the "Pentaho Solutions" Book


Last night, I completed the draft of "Pentaho Solutions", which is a book I'm writing together with my friend and colleague Jos van Dongen for Wiley.

(Actually, the full title is: "Pentaho Solutions: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with Pentaho and MySQL")

Here's an overview of the contents, just to give you an idea what we have been doing:

  • Part I: Getting Started, Prerequisites, Installation and Configuration and Overview

    • Chapter 1: Quick Start: Pentaho PCI Examples
    • Chapter 2: Prerequisites
    • Chapter 3: Server Installation and Configuration
    • Chapter 4: The Pentaho …
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Writing a Book: Building Pentaho Solutions

Ok - this has been stewing for some time now, and I think now is the right time to announce that I am working together with Jos van Dongen from Tholis Consulting to create a book for Wiley with the tentative title "Building Pentaho Solutions".

My personal aim is to make this book the primary point of reference for DBAs and Application Developers that are familiar with Open Source products like MySQL and PostgreSQL but have no prior BI skills, as well as BI professionals that are familiar with closed source BI products like Microsoft BI and Business Objects that want to learn how to get things done with Pentaho.

The book will cover all distinct components and sub-products that make up the …

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Writing a book

I have in front of me a contract which I've signed and am sending out today. It's a contract to write a book for Wiley/Wrox titled "Developing Web Applications with Perl, Memcached, MySQL and Apache". I have never written a book before, so I'm wondering what this experience will be like. It seems like a huge task but one that I think I can handle both in terms of my experience and ability. This book is slated to be around 500 pages covering what the title suggests, of course in detail. Originally, Memcached wasn't included, but I thought that it's become an ever-increasingly used tool that is part of the LAMP stack (LAMMP?).

My goal is to create a book that helps web developers be able to build web applications using Perl as the language, MySQL as the database, Memcached as a read-through or write-through cache, Apache as the web server platform. With this book I hope create more interest in Perl web development. There are so many …

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