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MySQL Conf08 - Marten Mickos tells all

At the end of the first day of the MySQL conference and expo I caught up with Marten Mickos former MySQL CEO and current Sun Database SVP.   Marten was in high spirits and eloquent as always.

My interview with Marten (10:29)  Listen (Mp3)   Listen (ogg)

Marten worked the floor like the consummate host he is. 

Some of the topics we tackle:

  • How he felt …
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More MySQL UC 08 Videos

Hopefully you can’t get enough of the UC08 videos (and thanks to Sheeri for the link with the full Jonathan keynote video), so Zack has managed to get some most posted.

This morning, we learned what it meant to be a pirate in terms of patents, copyright and now politics with the Pirate Party. Don’t let the scary name put you off - these guys are about making all of us consumers (of software, video, audio, books, etc.) more in control of information. Please support these guys by visiting

Next we had the Scalability Panel with representatives from Facebook, Fotolog, Sun, YouTube, …

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MySQL UC 08 Keynote Videos

I’m pleased to say that I was able to see these in the flesh, but if you aren’t lucky enough to be here (or just want to watch them again), Zack has posted up videos on YouTube of the opening keynote presentations:

Sadly these are only snippets, but if you like what you see, make sure to book your place for next year’s conference early!

MySQL Conf Kicks off with Parties at Marten's and Pedro's

I got into San Jose last night around 4:00, picked up my rental car and headed over to the annual pre-conference party at Marten Mickos' house.  The food was amazing and it was great to finally meet the MySQL crowd in person.

It wasn't long however before I was invited by the MySQL Community Team to join them as they headed to the next event on the social calendar.   Armed with a garbage bag full of stuffed dolphins we headed over to Pedro's and the …

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