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When COMMIT Is the Slowest Query

When COMMIT is the slowest query, it means your storage is slow. Let’s look at an example.

Configuring MySQL Query Metrics

Editors and technical reviewers suggested that I cover how to configure MySQL query metrics in chapter 1 of Efficient MySQL Performance, but I deferred because it was out of scope for the book, which focuses on engineers using MySQL, not DBAs. As such, there’s only a note in chapter 1 that says: “Ask your DBA or read the MySQL manual.” But I’ll cover the topic here because that’s what this blog post series is for: behind the book.

Query Metrics Requirements for MySQL

Let’s answer a question which, to my knowledge, has never been systematically addressed: What are the requirements for a production-ready query metrics app at scale? I am uniquely qualified to answer that because I have written four query metrics apps, two of which are the open-source standard for MySQL: pt-query-digest and the original (v1) code behind the query metrics/analysis part of Percona Monitoring and Management. I’ve also published a couple of packages related to query metrics: go-mysql/slowlog and go-mysql/query.

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