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New storage engines and appliances at MySQL Conference

A couple of years back, MySQL embarked upon a strategy to be more open and encourage third-party companies to create their own pluggable storage engines.  The strategy was partly a response to Oracle's acquisition of InnoDB, which was at the time the leading transactional storage engine.  Since then, we've seen new storage engines announced and released every year, typically at the April MySQL Users Conference.

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Welcome Ronald! Great to have you on board!

If you've been following his blog, then you will already know that Ronald Bradford has joined PrimeBase Technologies. We are very pleased to have him on board! As many know, Ronald has always been very active in the MySQL community as far as his job has made this possible.

Ironically during his time at MySQL he was less present in the community than before. When we discussed our plans for PrimeBase with him, Ronald was interested because it was an opportunity to return to a more active role in the community. I am very glad that this motivation was understood by almost everyone at MySQL and we are all looking forward to seeing and hearing more from Ronald.

But, of course, Ronald is not "just a pretty face" ;) He will be helping us to design and specify our open source products (including …

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