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Quick Look – MySQL Data Directory Files

Do you know what lies inside your MySQL Data Directory? This article is a quick guide about the files stored inside MySQL data directory. Data managed by the MySQL server…

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Dynamic InnoDB Redo Log

Since 8.0.30, you have the possibility to modify the InnoDB Redo Log Capacity online. An undersized Redo Log Capacity is problematic and lead to performance issues.

However, it’s not recommended to oversize the Redo Log either. Redo Log files consume disk space and increases the recovery time in case of a restart (innodb_fast_shutdown=1) or a sudden crash. And it also slows down shutdown when innodb_fast_shutdown=0.

This means that now, you don’t need to restart MySQL if you want to increase or decrease the size of the InnoDB Redo Logs files. In fact, we don’t talk anymore about file size but about capacity ! The DBA doesn’t need to specify any file size and/or amount of files for Redo Logs anymore …

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