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SSDs and their impact on database servers

Vadim Tkachenko published interesting benchmark results with PCI-E based SSDs here. I recently got a chance to benchmark FusionIO’s 320 GB PCI-E drive. It was really impressive. My results, done on Windows with sqlio, are consistent (not identical, of course, but in the same ballpark) with what Vadim reported in that blog post, done with sysbench on Linux.

sqlio is a popular IO throughput testing tool from Microsoft. I didn’t get to test the throughput when the SSD is close to full. The key takeaways that I learned from my testing are:

1. I can confirm that there is no difference between random and sequential IO, contrary to the traditional spindle based hard disks;

2. Read is significantly faster than write. Reads and writes with 64 threads can achieve around 1.4 GB/S and 400 MB/S …

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Migrating from one RDBMS to another

Here is some of my thoughts on migrating MySQL to Sql Server. It came out of an email discussion. I’d love to hear your thoughts on migrating to a different database platform, not just MySQL to Sql Server.

I actually thought about writing a white paper or even a course on migrating from MySQL to Sql Server, but never got the time to do it. Sometimes a project doing similar things can serve as a launchpad for this endeavour, but that never came along, at least not yet. I am very interested in database interoperability field though. I’ve done MySQL and Oracle admin in the past and have published some MySQL and Oracle stuff in blogs. I have much better technical skills on Sql Server than any other RDBMS platforms, primarily because I’ve worked on it longer.

Here are some of my thoughts. I think most of it applies equally on migration from Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Postgresql, etc., to Sql Server, or the other way around. It …

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