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RealTime CDC From MySQL Using AWS MSK With Debezium

Credit: AWS

CDC is becoming more popular nowadays. Many organizations that want to build a realtime/near realtime data pipe and reports are using the CDC as a backbone to powering their real-time reports. Debezium is an opensource product from RedHat and it supports multiple databases (both SQL and NoSQL). Apache Kafka is the core of this.

Managing and scaling Kafka clusters is not easy for everyone. If you are using AWS for your infra then let AWS manage the cluster. AWS has MSK is a managed Kafka service. We are going to configure Debezium with AWS MSK.

Configuration File:

If you are already worked with AWS MSK, then you might be familiar with this configuration file. This is similar to the RDS Parameter group but here you need to upload a with your parameter name and its value. If you are using MSK for the first time, then it’ll make you a bit confused. No worries, I’ll give you the steps to do …

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