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Upgrading from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8.0 Part II

Reserved Words and UTF8MB4 Issues The upgrade checker utility in the new MySQL Sell will warn you about potential problems.  The two most common problems I have seen are finding out one of your column names is a reserved word and character sets.
Reserved Words
You will spot reserved word issues on the second step of the upgrade check: 2) Usage of db objects with names conflicting with reserved keywords in 8.0   Warning: The following objects have names that conflict with reserved     keywords that are new to 8.0. Ensure queries sent by your applications use     `quotes` when referring to them or they will result in errors.   More information:
  davetest.reserved_word.over - Column name
In the above we are being told that in the schema 'davetest' in the table 'reserved_word' that there is a column named 'over' that …

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How to plan for MySQL 8.0 upgrade ?

MySQL 8.0 upgrade checklist

Recently one of our customers in Fintech. business (among the largest one in the Asia) wanted to upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL. 8.0. and they approached us for a safest and durable MySQL upgrade strategy, roadmap and execution. In Fintech. business every transaction needs to durable from statutory regulatory compliance perspective and we at MinervaDB never wanted to go for unplanned / easy in-place MySQL 8.0 upgrade method here without proper pre-migration audit, We wanted to list down in detail what are the possible scenarios this MySQL 8.0 upgrade will fail and the compatibility issues between MySQL 5.7 and MySQL 8.0. Thankfully Upgrade Checker utility that comes with MySQL Shell 8.0 can be executed against MySQL 5.7 server to confirm upgrade readiness, We have written a blog on MySQL Shell 8.0 Upgrade Checker …

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