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MySQL With DevOps 1 - Automate Database Archive

This is my next blog series. Im going to write about how I automated many complex tasks in MySQL with Rundeck. In my last series, I have explained RunDeck basics. You can find those articles here. In this blog Im writing about how I automated MySQL archive for multiple tables in one Rundeck job.

Challeange with Replication:

My MySQL database setup has 1 Master 4 Read Replica and the 3’rd replica is an intermediate Master for Replica 4. I don’t want to archive this data on Replica 3 and 4. Because these replicas are using for generating historical reports also some internal application.

Disable Log-Bin:

To prevent archive data on Replica 3 and 4, I decided to disable binlog on my archive session. But another challenge is, it won’t replicate to Replica 1 and 2. So my final solution is Archive the data on Master, then execute the …

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