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MySQL PITR The Fastest Way With DevOps

Point In Time Recovery - is a nightmare for DBAs if the MySQL clusters are self managed. It was 10PM, after had my dinner I was simply watching some shows in YouTube. And my phone was ringing, the customer on other side. Due to some bad queries, one of the main table get updated without where clause. Then suddenly everyone joined the call and asking me to bring the data back. That day it took 6 to 8 Hours to bring the data. Yes, every DBAs will do one or two biggest mistakes. In my carrier I would say this was that day. So here is my MySQL PITR the fastest way with DevOps.

Where I failed in this DR setup?

  • PITR starts with last full backup + binlogs
  • I missed in my backup script to add --master-data, So I don’t know how to start applying binlogs.
  • No Delay replica. I got the call within 10mins when the data has been messed up. But all of my replicas are real time sync. Its affected all of …
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MySQL Exact Row Count For All The Tables

Getting the row count from mysql tables are not a big deal and even there is no need for a blog for this. Simply go and query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA and get the row count for the tables. But this is not your actual row counts. It’ll show the row count of the tables during the last statistics update. So if you want to track your tables growth then you should do select count(*) from table_name for all the tables and insert the results to somewhere. There are a lot of ways available. Im just make this as a blog post. So others can benefit from it.

Row Count - From Stored Procedure:

We’ll get the list of table names from the information_schema and use cursor to run select count(*) on that table and save the row count value to a table.

In this example, Im going to collect the row count of the tables from the database called …

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