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Connection pooling in Vitess

Note: The content was originally published at PlanetScale Connection pooling is a commonly used technique in modern applications to manage database connections efficiently. It involves creating a cache of database connections that the application can use as needed. Instead of creating a new connection for each request to the database, the application retrieves a connection from the pool. After the application finishes using the connection, it is returned to the pool to be reused later, rather than being closed outright.

MySQL Challenge: 100k Connections

In this post, I want to explore a way to establish 100,000 connections to MySQL. Not just idle connections, but executing queries.

100,000 connections. Is that really needed for MySQL, you may ask? Although it may seem excessive, I have seen a lot of different setups in customer deployments. Some deploy an application connection pool, with 100 application servers and 1,000 connections in each pool. Some applications use a “re-connect and repeat if the query is too slow” technique, which is a terrible practice. It can lead to a snowball effect, and could establish thousands of connections to MySQL in a matter of seconds.

So now I want to set an overachieving goal and see if we can achieve it.


For this I will use the following hardware:

Bare metal server provided by, instance size: c2.medium.x86
Physical Cores @ 2.2 GHz
(1 X AMD EPYC 7401P)
Memory: 64 GB of …

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