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MySQL 8 invisible indexes

MySQL 8 supports invisible indexes, This allows you to on-demand enable/disable indexes from being used by MySQL optimizer. Now please don’t get confused with “disabled indexes“, “invisible indexes are not disabled indexes, MYISAM supports disabled indexes, ” , The disabled indexes halt maintenance of an index. Invisible indexes are a new feature in MySQL 8.0 , which mark an index unavailable for use by the optimizer. That means, Index will still be maintained and keep up-to-date as data is modified, but no queries will be permitted to make use of the index (even if the query uses a FORCE INDEX hint) .

Why we really love invisible indexes in MySQL 8.0?

  • You want to make only one query to use that index, In this case “invisible index” is a great option
  • On-demand indexing, You will have index (up-to-date with data) but you can make it visible or …
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