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Backups don?t suck

Today, immediately after lunch, I got IO errors from my laptop hard drive (ironically while attempting a file system dump). Words to the affect of “oh gosh and bother” exiting my mouth and the decision was made to go get a new drive.

Well… one “shortcut” to the computer store later, have new HD (will travel).

Backup from previous night, xfsrestore here I come. And a good number of hours later… about 1.5million files restored.

I do wish file systems had REPEATABLE_READ though… that would be nice.

Cool Dolphin SCI interconnect stuff make this cool SCI socket hardware that can be used with MySQL Cluster (for example, like their example setup).

Their tech provides high performance (350MB/sec avail to the user) and low latency (worst case is like 2 or 3 micro seconds to send 512bytes to another node). So can pretty much kick the butt of gig-e.

We could probably do some really cool stuff with boosting performance (even further) when using SCI with some of the things I have in mind for multithreaded ndb kernel - basically changing some of the ways we do sending and receiving signals and improvements in shared memory stuff.

Big points from the presentation are:

  • small messages sent using basic CPU …
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Mike Hillyer?s laptop melting and backup fun at UC

Mike Hillyer?s Personal Web Space » Blog Archive » It?s Alive!!

Mike’s laptop went funny, but he had a backup of his presentation.

So, something about my backup strategy.

I have a policy that anything that I really care about is backed up. If it’s not backed up, I don’t care about it.

e.g. while I’d be sad if my mythtv box suddenly had a disk failure, I can always put in a blank disk and I don’t loose too much.

My email is fetched onto a server at home, and I use offlineimap to keep an up to date (nearly) copy on my laptop. I also, at least weekly, burn the entire thing to DVD (it still fits, when bzip2 compressed).

Also, for all that other stuff that is pretty important (/home), I do a xfsdump to external disk.

I also now (on a paranoid spending trip at Fry’s) have a small …

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final prep on UC presentation (and new toy)

I bought a new toy yesterday (and about time I did). A Logitech presentation clicker thingy:

It has the laser pointer, the forward and backwards slide buttons and, arguably most interestingly, a built-in timer with vibrate alert.

What’s annoying is that the forward/back is done by page up and page down - and this doesn’t work for the “appear on click” thing for Luckily for me, I just about never use that “feature” as the in version of OOo that Ubuntu ships in their stable release (5.04) is just too darn buggy in that area. I do sometimes wonder if people use the stable release of their product for any real work.

But it’s a nice little device and seems to be an improvement of the using the remote control feature of my phone to do the same thing (if you didn’t do …

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Solaris 10 under QEMU

I’m currently watching a Solaris 10 install under QEMU on my laptop. It seems to be taking a while, but getting there.

(I got a Solaris 10 DVD in my AUUG shwag)

Basically, I want to play with DTrace and see how easy it is to do things with it. Solaris seems to be the requirement. I don’t want to have a partition for it nor run it as a primary OS. So, qemu it is.

I can also then use the funky disk image foo with qemu so that i don’t waste a lot of space (mmm… sparse disk images).

For a 7GB qemu-img created filesystem, used intirely as /, it seems that there’s 128MB overhead for having the file system. The installer is chugging away writing things and this seems to be constant.

So, all in all i should end up using a bit less than 3GB of real disk …

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GNU/Linux and the K750i Bluetooth Remote

GNU/Linux and the K750i Bluetooth Remote

Works with my K700i too. Useful to know that the remote control stuff works. will be great for presentations :)

MemberDB election-results performance on new laptop

So I picked up my new laptop on friday. It’s an ASUS V6V - nice and fast, light, good resolution screen and lots of disk and RAM (it came with 1GB, I’ve got 2GB).

Anyway, the transfer of data from my PowerBook went fine. I waited for xfsdump to dump /home from the powerbook to a firewire drive (and for “waiting” I do mean going out and seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - which was very good).

Installing Ubuntu on the ASUS went like a dream. Everything, and i do mean everything worked out-of-the-box with only one tweak. That was uncommented the ACPI sleep configuration option do-dad in /etc/default/acpi-something-foo to get suspend to ram working.

The WEP didn’t work in the installer, so I initially just used the GigE adapter until the first reboot.

The firewire drivers don’t really behave with this laptop atm… that dreaded “aborted sbp2 …

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