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New Design at

I’ve introduced a new design and Wordpress backend at, feel free to take a look and provide feedback. Now that editing will be easier I think I’ll be pushing out some fresh content too.

Connector/ODBC Version 5 Now Available

It is still in Alpha, but you can now download Connector/ODBC version 5 from!

This is a pretty serious rewrite of the old Connector/ODBC, so please take some time to test and report bugs at

Need a Couple of Reviewers

As you may recall, I have started a new project to create a new MySQL User Guide oriented at users who are new to SQL or who know SQL but are new to MySQL.

Well, I have a chapter on indexing done and I would love to have some people review it. Mainly I am looking for people who fit into the profile I just mentioned. The indexing chapter is only about 8 pages so it should not take too much time.

Please email mike (at) thisdomain if you are interested.

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