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Query Profiling Tools ? part 1, mysqlsla

The “sla” in mysqlsla stands for “statement log analyzer”. This does a much better job than mysqldumpslow of analyzing your slow query log. In fact, you can sort by many different parameters — by sheer number of times the query shows up in the slow query log, by the total or average query [...]

MySQL Query Profiling Tools ? part 0, Ma?atkit Query Profiler

Today I’ve been checking out a new client environment. My mission is to figure out (cold) some of the characteristics of the queries being run, and particularly if they’re “good” or “bad”. In my arsenal of “tools I really want to check out” has been Ma’atkit’s Query Profiler. They’re very different tools. Ma’atkit’s query [...]

Maatkit version 1314 released

Maatkit (formerly MySQL Toolkit) contains essential command-line utilities for MySQL, such as a table checksum tool and query profiler. It provides missing features such as checking slaves for data consistency, with emphasis on quality and scriptability.

This release fixes several minor bugs. It also renames all the tools to avoid trademark violation.

MySQL Toolkit needs a new name

Yep, it's true. "MySQL Toolkit" technically infringes on MySQL's trademark. I haven't been given a mandate or cease-and-desist order or anything, but as Marten Mickos (MySQL's CEO) told me, anything that starts with the word "MySQL" sounds like it comes from the company, and this project doesn't come from MySQL.

Suggestions are welcome. I'm totally uninspired. "Toolkit" was the best I could do when I named the project to begin with.

MySQL Toolkit version 1204 released

This release fixes some minor bugs. It also adds a few major new features to several of the tools. The command-line option and help functionality, as well as several other pieces of common functionality, has been replaced with common modules that have a test suite. This is the first step towards a gradual rewrite to replace untested 'script' code with tested, maintainable code.

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