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MySQL 5.7.7 RC & Multi Source Replication 40 to 1.

One of the cool new features in 5.7 Release Candidate is Multi Source Replication, as I previously looked into in 5.7.5 DMR.

I’ve had more and more people like the idea of this, so here’s a quick set-up as to what’s needed and how it could work.

1. Prepare master environments.
2. Prepare 40 masters for replication.
3. Create slave.
4. Insert data into the Masters.

* I originally tried running 50 mysql’s but I just ran out of resources on my old pc, so it’s at 40.

* The real key behind this scenario is that each of the masters has a unique centre_code that is implicitly inserted via the app & users at that site. i.e. no other site will want to modify any data that was entered from that site, e.g. call centre reclaims dept for specific areas / regions, CNC …

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